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The contemplation of a sunset or the dawn (in both cases, the beautiful visual metaphor of our own lives). Love liv with the fruitless (and no less joyful) desire to make the impossible eternity of the moment possible. A good book in which, exultantly, we believe we find glimpses of perennial wisdom. Music, that excellent panacea for pain, according to Schopenhauer , which opens a parenthesis in the midst of the torment inflict by the will to live. Friends (good and few), those who remain side by side defying the fatigue of disagreements, the temptation of envy, and the poisonous sprout of ambition, a mass of miseries that, more often than not, ruce things to dust.

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Who believ themselves to have strong loyalties. In short, the festive intoxication in which (some) immerses (on some occasions), in a wise combination, a spirit drink and a good chat. Well, of course yes, let’s insist on this, there is always a crack through which the fad ray of light of hope in a better world sneaks in and, on a small or business database large scale, leads us to set resolutions every morning, or every year, or every time the temptation of politics and remptive plans appear in our lives.

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But, of course, going through these simulations of happiness, goes the pessimist who can be seen in that haiku. Although never completely stripp of the attire of hope, he continues Phone Database his course walking through life with his gaze turn towards the rubble left by the failure of our civilization: he is always warn that the human project does not have a good face. He goes through the world without losing sight of all that brutal information, feeling it close, carrying it on his back. Thus, “A pessimist / is only a well-inform optimist.

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