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that can be used on the website the user is currently visiting. For example, if the visitor has previously registered on the Dicoding website, the password manager will display the user’s Dicoding credentials. In the image below, the Bitwarden plugin (an example of a password manager) shows the credentials I have on the Dicoding website. take shortcuts Let’s become a part of the world’s largest AR creator with Dicoding and Snapchat! greeting, Indonesia Decoded Story: Cloud Graduate Developer and Backend Developer Scholarship Program Thought and hope are two things that are inseparable for human beings. We all certainly have a goal that we hope to achieve one day. Then it becomes our motivation to keep passionate about it every day. Not unlike us, Virza Misbakh Khoirudin (26) also has dreams about her dream job position. The active student majoring in .


Wanting to make his own games

Virza is interested in learning programming Virza’s interest in programming began to grow during his fifth semester in college, and he had to choose a concentration course. Almost all of Virza’s friends are interested in courses related to graphic design or online whatsapp database animation. What about him? Virza saw his friends’ low interest in programming as an opportunity. “It’s difficult!” his friend admitted. However, Verza actually found this difficult subject to be a golden bridge in his career. In short, there are very few competitors! Beyond that, Virza aspires to one day make his own game. He was inspired by several game makers he used to play.

It’s no wonder Virza is interested

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In deepening his programming knowledge so he can feel the thrill of playing his own games. For Virza, learning to program was a necessity. He has witnessed firsthand that in recent years . Many people have become interested in learning . Programming  and there are various learning platforms. That can be accessed at any time. “I realized that there are more bootcamps in the IT field because Phone Database there are more job openings, but the required human resources are limited. So I feel that learning programming today is absolutely necessary.” There are many benefits to be gained from learning to program. One of these, according to Virza, is individuals who understand the various latest technologies currently being developed. In fact, the world of technology is evolving very quickly and those with skills in this field will have a bright future.

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