Accelerate your dreams with AWS

 At the time, he had just learned that cloud storage technology would flourish and be used on a large scale. An interview with the CEO outlines what standards the company requires and the details of the job Virza has to handle. During the interview process, Verza was asked about his plans and dreams for the next five years. Virza had no hesitation in stating that he wanted to become a systems analyst. However, who could have imagined that Verza’s plan would come true sooner than he imagined. At that time, Virza secured a position as a Systems Analyst at PT Smartindo Mitra Teknologi, which owned all facilities. There, Verza had the opportunity to improve his abilities. This Virza company realizes Virza’s dream faster because they have a vision to grow with their employees.

A great attitude a willingness

 To work together, and a desire to learn are three things that are prioritized in the Virza workplace. When Verza was about to sign a job contract, there was a moment that surprised him. In the work agreement, Virza is obligated to manage resources hosted on AWS. “My first shock came when I was offered the Systems Analyst position. It didn’t end there, there was a second shock, I had whatsapp number list zero skills with cloud storage, regardless of platform. However, after consulting with After becoming a boss, I found AWS and Dicoding’s Cloud and Backend Developer Scholarship Program.” “Never resist change” Virza feels that he gained new skills and knowledge after studying at AWS. This makes the AWS graduate more confident in completing the tasks assigned to him at work.

He admitted that he felt

Now, Virza is no longer a person who panics easily and is afraid of performing tasks. The confidence he gained after graduating from AWS and Dicoding courses allowed him to easily face various work challenges while improving other skills. After seeing AWS release Phone Database edge server regions in Indonesia (especially Jakarta), Virza believes: “Indonesian digital talents need to learn and explore cloud storage technology on AWS. The location of their server edge (AWS-ed) is close to Indonesia. This will Make AWS facilities faster and more responsive to Indonesian consumers.” “Never resist change,” Verza said. “Our digital talent needs to be better prepared by migrating enterprise servers to cloud services.

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