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This ends up creating more impiments than, in fact, encouraging the customer to buy … And the Internet is no different: valuable , informative and engaging content helps establish trust, increases awareness and strengthens the connection with the target audience. In other words, by investing in content creation , you can stand out from the competition and build a relationship with consumers, who can become loyal customers and brand advocates ! Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting.

Engaging and transforming your Audience into

Traffic and inflating your company’s authority. In practice, it works like this: imagine you have an online women’s clothing store. To use SEO in your Digital Marketing strategy , you can research keywords relevant to your business , such as “women’s clothing”, “women’s fashion”, “women’s short sleeve blouses”, among others. Next, you must optimize your website’s content , including these keywords throughout the texts, in the meta description, in the page titles new data and in the name of images, for example. And don’t forget, of course, to also work on the site’s technical optimization , such as the loading time of each page, the structure of the content and the optimization of images.

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After all, no one stays for long on a website that doesn’t load or doesn’t provide a good experience ! Tip: Learn to research keywords! 3. Add Social Networks to create proximity Social networks are much more than just a place to share personal photos and memes : they are popular in Brazil , and a large part of their users use the platforms to ask questions, receive news and search for products or services! And there’s a great opportunity to create a real connection with your target audience , since, by publishing phone database relevant content and interacting with your followers in an authentic way, you get closer to the people your company can sell to.

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