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Brand recognition Who wouldn’t love a company that spends so much time being “people like us” in the hottest spots on the Internet?! Therefore, don’t be afraid to humanize your brand and give it maximum personality. This is what will help attract and retain your customers ! 4. Accelerate with Paid Mia Imagine trying to hit a target while blindfold. It seems impossible, right? But that’s exactly what companies did in the past (some even today) when they invest in advertising without knowing who their ideal customers were . Since then, a lot has chang, and now there are paid traffic tools — such as Google Ads and Meta Ads — that work as the company’s “eyes”, allowing it to see its target audience clearly and direct its strategies.

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Advertising with precision! With these tools , you can know: Where your ideal customer is; What he likes most; And even what he searches for on the Internet. This way, like in a target shooting game, the company is able to aim and directly reach its audience , generating more effective results and increasing the return on investment in advertising. 5. Add Email Marketing to keep conversations going You know that new database friend who always tells you the news first hand? This is how E-mail Marketing works! It allows companies to speak directly to their contact base , without intermiaries, as if it were one friend speaking to another.

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This is great because, unlike other forms of communication, E-mail Marketing gives you more control over the content and offers that will be deliver, potentially rucing costs. This way, you can create a closer relationship with customers who are already in your sales funnel , segmenting the audience and sending personaliz messages. The chances of engagement and conversion are much greater, and all you ne to do is come up with a good title for the “Subject” field so that  phone database whoever receives the message doesn’t hesitate to open it! Email marketing: the key to competitive advantage 6.

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