The 10 mistakes to avoid in an International SEO strategy

The 10 mistakes to avoid in an International SEO strategy. Every year the importance of doing international SEO becomes clearer. The e-business trends of 2017 are looking very good. The greatest reward will go to those companies that do everything to make their international presence. Therefore, work well and this will result in massive increases. In sales and income as they expand their brand to its global potential. It is worth taking some time to avoid the most common and egregious mistakes made in this international expansion.

Assume Google is the only search engine to optimize

Each search engine places a different emphasis on ranking signals. Therefore, so be sure to do your research before choosing the search engine. Yandex accounts for 58 percent of the search engine market share in Russia and only recently reintroduced links into its ranking algorithm. Baidu has a 55 percent market share in China and job function email list the country’s largest search engine is not Google either. Yahoo frequently reverses places with Google as the largest search engine in Japan. Naver is the largest search engine in South Korea and non-Naver properties rarely appear on the first page of their search results.

Ignore local competition

There will undoubtedly be competition in local markets you’ve never heard of. Therefore, as a global brand can easily fail in search engines. Therefore, Local competition may not seem fierce at first glance. Therefore, but you can rest assured that more established brands have great local ranking signals and can understand the market better than most. A rigorous analysis of competitors must be carried Phone Database out in all countries to which you intend to expand before launching. Understand who your competitors are Their strengths and weaknesses and adapt your strategies.

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