From 3,000 to 50,000 visits thanks to SEO positioning

From 3,000 to 50,000 visits thanks to SEO positioning. This article that you are going to read below closes one. That I wrote a year and a half ago on this same blog. Therefore, and which talked about the most important SEO bases to take into account when creating a website. Precisely when I started it, I was immersed in the development of the website for a company (I cannot reveal the name and project but it is not relevant either). Therefore, whose positioning in Google and visits wee practically testimonials .

Database category for dynamic pages

Many times companies have highly valuable information in their databases. Therefore, SEO positioning due to fear of being copied, lack of knowledge, etc. I saw this opportunity from the beginning and my goal was to try to use. It to give visibility to the website email contact list precisely in one of its most important assets. After publishing the website, maintenance tasks were carried out that affected 50% of the categories and URLs. The website, generating numerous 404 errors and server errors. This made Google start to distrust us and we lost positions. Therefore, its portfolio of collaborators. We created a service search engine with dynamic results pages. That Google could index with a very basic structure.

Adapt URLs and compete with Keywords

Here we find the problem that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. If you create dynamic pages whose URL changes depending on the information you are showing. Therefore, SEO positioning there are many types of combinations, so you have to carefully measure what you are going to generate. We had 2 serious errors that cost us to lose almost half of the traffic in one month Phone Database luckily we solved it and it is resolved. The different search engine options created more URLs. Therefore, than I expected and duplicates were generated in the content and meta-description.

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