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It is not possible to use it outside of litigation. The right owner requests the right of pre-emption to be awarded in return for the ownership of the immovable property.  Therefore,  The holder of the pre-emption right must file a lawsuit for the right of pre-emption within 3 months from the date of .  nVotification of the sale, and in any case within 2 years from the date of the sale. Therefore,  The contractual pre-emption right is exercised against the buyer if it is annotated and the ownership of the real estate is .  Registered in the name of the buyer.  Therefore,  Otherwise, the right will be used against the seller. The legal right of pre. Emption is Therefore,  exercised against the buyer. If the share is not registered in the name of the buyer after the sale, a pre-emption lawsuit is filed against the seller.

This condition is the sale of the real estate

To a third party or a transaction equivalent to a sale. However, in Korea Telegram Number Data cases where this condition is met, the right of pre-emption can be exercised. Turkish Code of Obligations art. In accordance with 240/1; “The right of pre-emption can be used in cases of sale Therefore,  of real estate or any transaction that is economically equivalent to sale.” The law considers any transaction that is economically equivalent to a sale sufficient to exercise the right of pre-emption. In terms of the contractual pre-emption right, any sale or a transaction economically equivalent to a sale is sufficient

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To exercise the right. Legal pre

Emption right can only be used in sales or similar transa ctions made to a New Zealand Phone Number List person who is not a stakeholder. When a sale is made to a stakeholder, the other stakeholder does not have the right of pre-emption. Turkish Code of Obligations art. 240/2 regulates the situations in which the right of pre-emption cannot be used. According to this; “The right of pre-emption .  Cannot be used in cases where the immovable property is allocated to one of the heirs in the sharing of the inheritance, sold through forced auction, and acquired for the performance of public services and similar purposes.”

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