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Contractual pre-emption right can be exercised if the real estate is sold to anyone. However, the legal pre-emption right can be exercised if the share is sold to a third party who is not a stakeholder in the real estate. For example, if a person who is a shareholder of a real estate subject to joint ownership sells his share to another stakeholder, other stakeholders cannot use the right of pre-emption. If the share is sold to a person who is not a. Shareholder of the real estate subject to shared ownership, other stakeholders may exercise their right of pre-emption. How many years does the pre-emption right last? TBK m. According to Article 238, the pre-emption right can be decided for a maximum period of 10 years.

Therefore, the duration of the contractual pre-emption right can be a maximum of 10 years

The legal pre-emption right depends on the share the Japan Telegram Number Data person has in the real estate. As long as a person remains a shareholder, the right of pre-emption attached to his share remains available. What is the Right of Preemption Law? In our law, the right of pre-emption can occur in two ways: contractual and statutory. The right of pre-emption arising from the contract is the right of pre-emption granted by the real estate owner to a person by contract for a maximum period of 10 years. This contract can be registered in the land registry. If the contract is annotated, the right of pre-emption will also bind the new owner of the real estate in case the real estate is sold.

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In any case, the effect of the annotation is valid

For a maximum of 10 years. Legal pre-emption right is the right owned by the stakeholders of a real estate subject to shared ownership. If one of the stakeholders sells its share Mexico Phone Number List to a third party, the other stakeholder has the right to purchase this share under the same conditions. It is aimed to prevent the inclusion of a foreigner among the stakeholders in real estate subject to shared ownership. Right of Preemption Case The right of pre-emption is exercised by filing a lawsuit.

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