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 In this context, where uncertainty reigns, our country’s companies are reacting by pushing the accelerator on digital transformation. The situation was analyzed by Facebook , in collaboration with the World Bank and OECD, in the report ” Global State of small business report “. The survey took into consideration the realities of over 50 countries around the world that also use the social network to promote their business. One of the most interesting data is that 31% of SMEs made more than 25% of their sales via the web in July. Embracing digital is essential especially for small companies. Let’s see why and the results of the Facebook study.

How consumers have changed

Growth of local businesses Facebook Mexico Phone Number Data and SMEs: meetings dedicated to digitalisation How consumers have changed The pandemic has changed consumers ‘ purchasing preferences . Another study, called “Digital tools consumer survey” commissioned by Facebook and carried out by Deloitte focuses precisely on this aspect. In Italy, 48% of the analyzed sample increased online purchases during the Covid-19 emergency, while 49% admitted to having used digital payment systems and 56% revealed to have used social media or apps messaging to communicate with companies . Sectors have also changed:

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People buy different products online compared to a

year ago, in particular food , cosmetics and household Mexico Phone Number List items. The most reactive companies have been able to exploit this trend. Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer  HOW Growth of local businesses During the months of home isolation, 57% of Italian consumers made purchases from local or Italian businesses and many have still maintained this habit today. Among the reasons for this choice we  the best offer offered by these activities and the quick service . 30% found these companies thanks to digital tools , including social networks such as Facebook but also searches on Google and so on. Regarding the tools considered useful for communicating with the company, 70% of those interviewed mentioned WhatsApp while 56% mentioned Facebook.

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