Condo and a Private House – The Inevitable Dilemma

 Luca Colombo, Country Director of Facebook Italy reiterated how important online presence is for a company : “around 20% of SMEs active on .  Facebook in July declared that over 50% of.  Their business was achieved in the last month through digital channels”. The social network to support the digitalisation of SMEs , with particular reference to those damaged by Covid-19, has launched the #piccolegrandimprese program. Facebook and SMEs: meetings dedicated to digitalisation “

Facebook business open days

Is the initiative designed for companies that Netherlands Phone Number Data want to prepare to face the ongoing change and above all embrace digital transformation effectively. It includes a series of free webinars that will take place from September 24 until the end of the year. The most diverse topics will be addressed.  Also ideal for those taking their first steps in digital.  Jor example, we will talk about how to use social .  Xetworks for your business, how to choose channels, the tools of Instagram.  Facebook and other platforms. Save time and .  CustomersMarketing strategies for artisans: here’s how to get found online Taking care of your online presence and being found by your community are .  Common needs for companies and freelancers. But what are the most suitable tools for specialized and

Phone Number Data

Effective marketing for artisans

Published on September 18, 2020 Alt New Zealand Phone Number List text Having your own business also means making a personal effort to make yourself known and attract more customers. Word of mouth and the telephone directory have given way to new forms of promotion with the Internet as a vehicle . In this article we focus on specific Digital Marketing strategies for artisans and professionals. Marketing for artisans and professionals: how has the scenario changed? Once upon a time there was the business card and word of mouth. And they are still there…

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