How ventilation influences the habitability certificate

Properties must meet a series of characteristics so that you can live in them. There are different . Factors that are taken into account and in the following lines we want . you to know one of them, that is why we show you how ventilation . Influences the .  habitability certificate of a home. The certificate of habitability of a home . d monstrates . That it has all the conditions that are essential to be inhabite , according to the habitability regulations. Within these conditions, there are a series of characteristics that the space must have so that one can . live inside it. They are relat . TO the following aspects: Some minimum dimensions. Ventilation and natural lighting, both in the bedrooms and in the rest of the main rooms, which must have windows. Comply with a series of safety standards and have no structural deficiencies or serious construction problems. It must have minimum facilities.

What is the certifica te of habitability of a home?

such as electricity or running water. As you have already seen in the previous section, homes must have windows , since it is one of the aspects that most influences the house to be habitable and comfortable for its inhabitants. The windows allow natural light to enter Qatar Phone Number Data the home . This fact not only represents energy savings, but also influences the decoration of the property and, more importantly, the health of those who live there. You must .  keep in mind that they reduce the humidity of the environment, so they prevent the formation of humidity of all kinds or even mold. Furthermore, on an emotional level, having natural light causes the person to have a better mood and feel happier inside their own home, something that is essential.

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How does ventilati on influence the habitability certificate of homes?

For all these reasons, to obtain the certificate of habitability, homes must meet a series of requirements relat to ventilation . As we have already mentioned, the home must have natural ventilation to the outside. There are two different cases, which are these: Ventilation using windows. It is important that the surface of the windows occupy around 10% of the total surface of the Singapore Phone Number List room  in which they are locat. The same holes that are used for .  lighting can be used. Both bathrooms and toilets can have ventilation through windows or drains. As for hallways and halls, it will not be necessary for them to have a window. Continuous ventilation of the entire home. The entire home must have a continuousall times that . will pass through the entire home and thus its stale air can be renew . It is important to highlight that in addition to the size of the windows and this continuous ventilation, another condition must also be met and that is that the windows communicate with a space that is located outside.

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