Key elements of a Building Assessment Report

The Building Evaluation Report, IEE, is a document that serves to accredit the situation in which the buildings are locat, in terms of their conservation  . Compliance with current regulations relat to universal accessibility and the degree of energy efficiency. The Urban Planning . Administration may request it from the owners of properties locat in . Residential buildings for Key elements of  collective   of housing, as established by a previously established calendar. Below we show you the Key of of a Building  . Assessment Report. It is important . That you are clear in the first place that the most important aspects . Within an IEE are four . Therefore, we will start by reviewing them and . Then analyze this matter in depth, they are these . The state of conservation. The degree of energy efficiency. Accessibility conditions. The acoustic conditions.

What key eleme nts of a Building

Although the last one is not mandatory, it is recommend to evaluate. The technician in charge of preparing this report must analyze . The state of the building and what measures must be put into practice to correct any . Deficiencies in the construction . In addition, it is important to assess how of much it will cost to do it and in what terms it will be done. Title Key elements of 1 of Law Poland Phone Number Data of focuse on regulating the Building Evaluation . Report and within its article 4 it showsEhich must meet the conditions indicated in the Land Law, which was approved by Royal Legislative Decree , of June 20. Check the basic conditions regarding universal accessibility . Additionally, it must show whether the building has to make any . Adjustments to meet those conditions. It must comply with Law of August 1, which requires.

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What buildings mu st have an IEE?

That reasonable adjustments be made in terms of universal accessibility, including necessary works. The energy efficiency certification of the building that must comply with Royal Decree  of April 5. It is necessary to be clear that depending on the Autonomous . Community in which the Russia Phone Number List building is locat, the requirements may be different . In fact,  if it requires that buildings have a Technical . Building Inspection report, ITE, that has the information on . The  of first two points that we have just shown you, they can be complete . With the energy efficiency certificate that appears in the third . This way it will have the same validity as . The IEE.All buildings for collective residential use must have a Building Assessment Report, provided they are 50 years old.

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