Forced ventilation: save by making better use

The air conditioning unit has gone from being a luxury good to something very common in almost all homes, especially those of new construction. Although three or four decades ago it was very difficult to find in a home, its low installation price has made it possible for it to be very popular today. But what is the initial problem with air conditioning ? Without a doubt, its consumption, which will most likely be responsible for the highest electrical expenditure in the hot months. The solution may be to combine it with an ecological alternative with very minimal consumption, forced or mechanical ventilation . First of all, what will the air conditioning bill depend on ? We could give approximate prices – although there are too many factors that influence it – but first of all we must take into account the type.

Energy efficiency and its relat ionship with air conditioning

That is given to it, the home in question and factors such as our routine. However, it will not be difficult for the largest expenditure on electricity in the home to be caused by this traditional air conditioning  Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data device. What in one way or another will influence the electricity consumption by the air conditioning will be: The most recent appliances can consume up to 25% less thanks to energy savings . Even so, just because they are efficient does not mean that they stop producing significant consumption. The size of the device will be very important. Very large units may generate a high level of cold, which will not provide sufficient comfort. The type of construction of the home is almost as important as whether or not.

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Air renewal in combin ation with air conditioning

The temperature at which we have the air conditioning equipment will be decisive at all times, as will the speed at which the fan is. The hours in which the cooling function is on will be critical in the consumption of the device. That said, there are common estimates of how much USA WhatsApp Number List using air conditioning in a home can cost. For a medium-sized, one-story home, the use of air conditioning can be about 58 euros per month. That is, if we make the approximate calculation of eight hours a day with an average 2KW device. Without a doubt, it is a high expense. This estimated expense, however, does not have to be exactly like that. We have also commented that the refrigeration units and their.

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