Sustainable and ecological architecture

Sustainable and ecological architecture is a . Challenge for the present rather than the future and in Spain the Administration is already timidly beginning to implement measures. Although these are still nothing more than good intentions, it is said that the rehabilitation of buildings and the construction of green homes could be encourag to stop Sustainable and climate change. After all, the greatest volume of pollution occurs indoors and to have more sustainable cities we nee green buildings . Sustainable architecture has two main foundations and goes beyond improving energy efficiency in buildings, as it promotes a change in the economic paradigm, focus on the use of resources and respect for the environment.

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Basically it focuses on: Maximum energy efficiency. All consumption processes that take place in a sustainable building must be of minimum consumption. Mechanical ventilation systems , high thermal Mexico WhatsApp Number Data insulation materials, energy recovery solutions and other facilities are usd so that consumption is zero or Sustainable and minimal. Use of local resources. In ecological and sustainable architecture, we go one step further and seek to ensure that all the materials usd have had a construction process in communion with the environment and their extraction and production has been carri out in local areas. In this way, ecological architecture strives on the one hand for rational consumption and.

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Building in question, to support the environment. However, are we prepar in Spain for a type of construction of these characteristics? The perfect example is found in the Almost Zero Consumption Building , the set of European standards and guidelines that, starting in , will make it mandatory in Spain for all construction to comply with the strict Vietnam WhatsApp Number List European regulations that propose homes and work centers that They practically do not consume energy, without the dependence on traditional air conditioning. However, this regulatory framework has been in place for a long time and not many entrepreneurs and architects have optd for it until now, when it became mandatory. In other European countries, however, it was not necessary to force them by law. Something similar happens in the case of sustainable architecture . Because all green buildings have almost zero consumption, but they go much further in this regard. Architecture is linkd to demand.

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