Efficient ventilation which system is the best for

Hybrid or mechanical ventilation Mechanical ventilation systems are the future of indoor air renewal. More than an alternative, they are now mandatory in the Technical Building Code , since the sector has shown that to guarantee health at home and the energy efficiency of buildings it is necessary to use mechanical air renewal systems. The two main differences – and options on the market – lie in full use of fans at all times or alternating with naturally aerating the spaces. What we call hybrid or mechanical ventilation . Which system best suits our needs? It will depend mainly on the type of building and its previous construction, or the place where it is implemented. There are also cost constraints, both at the time of installation and during the use of the ventilation systems.

When to choose betw een hybrid or mechanical ventilation?

First of all, we can look at what the CTE Basic Document HS3 says to determine the current regulations. According to the standard, all buildings today must have a ventilation system . The choice is whether we want hybrid or mechanical ventilation . On the other hand, it Thailand WhatsApp Number Data is also specified that the air must circulate throughout the home from the dry to the humid areas, through intake openings, which will have to connect the rooms with the outside in the dry areas. These areas are the dining room, bedrooms or living rooms. The basic differences between both systems are: Hybrid ventilation systems . It uses natural and mechanical air renewal systems. This means that the facility will use natural ventilation whenever possible and, when the situation is not favorable, it will use fans to automatically renew the air.

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Mechanical ventila tion systems

In the case of mechanical systems, the ventilation is never turn off . The fans adapt to the actual air renewal needs at all times and never stop ventilating. The extraction adapts to the real ventilation needs. The decision between one system and another will depend largely on the installation cost and the place where it is located. In many cases, hybrid Switzerland WhatsApp Number List ventilation is chosen due to its lower implementation cost and because it is the minimum requirement by the CTE. To do this, the meteorological factors of the place where a hybrid ventilation system is going to be installed must also be studi . This is because the weather and wind will significantly affect it. In natural ventilation , the pressure differences that move the air are lower than those necessary in a mechanical system. In this way, hybrid ventilation systems must generate the slightest pressure.

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