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For example, if the inherited house is left to one of the heirs.  Through an inheritance sharing agreement, this heir can apply to the heirs and the land registry office to .  Take over the inherited title deed. . If the requirements of the inheritance sharing agreement are not fulfilled, those concerned may file a . Therefore,  Compelling registration case” against other heirs based on the sharing agreement. If the heirs do not agree on the inherited house, a “sharing (division) lawsuit” is filed by anyone. With the sharing lawsuit, the partnership in the house ends and the heirs are enabled to receive their share. With the court decision given in the sharing case, the heirs immediately acquire the things assigned to them. Therefore, the relevant heir can apply to the land registry office, based on the court decision, to take over the inherited house assigned to him by the court decision.

How to Get the Title Deed of the Inherited

House in Case of More than One Heir? By ensuring Poland Telegram Number Data unanimity among the heirs Based on the inheritance sharing (distribution) agreement The title deed of the inherited house can be obtained based on the court decision given as a result of the sharing case. Therefore,  In this case, the time it takes to obtain the title deed of the inherited house varies depending on situations such as sharing, disputes and compromises. Generally, when an agreement cannot be reached between the heirs, litigation is resorted to.

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It takes an average of 1.5 years to achieve

Inheritance sharing through litigation. Inheritance .  Deed Taiwan Phone Number List Transfer Heirs can carry out the inheritance title .  Deed transactions for the inherited real .  Therefore,  Estate by applying to the land registry office with the necessary documents. After the inheritance decree is issued, the heirs apply to the land registry office with .  This inheritance decree, a certified copy of the.  Population register, their identity cards and a document proving that they have paid the inheritance tax.

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