Characteristics of a Modern Home for Modern Filipino Families

In this way, the transfer of the inherited real estate is completed. For example, when looking at how to obtain a land title deed inherited from a grandfather, the heirs apply to the land registry office with the necessary documents, especially the certificate of inheritance. Thus, the transfer of the inherited field is ensured to them. See also: With the regulation made in 2015 by Law No. 6645, workers were granted bereavement leave. In case of death of certain relatives; 3 days for workers in accordance with additional article 2 of the Labor Law No. 4857, Civil servants are granted 7 days of bereavement leave in accordance with

Article 104/B of the Civil Servants Law No

657. When we look at the number of days of bereavement Qatar Telegram Number Data leave, in other words, how many days of bereavement leave, for workers, it is 3 days; For civil servants, it is 7 days. What is Death Leave? Bereavement leave is the leave given to .  Both the employee and the civil servant not to .  Work for a certain period of time in order to mourn the death of a relative. It should be considered excused in.  Bases that do not prevent the worker or civil servant from performing their duties, but cannot be expected to work in accordance with the rule of honesty.

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The death of a close family member of

A worker or civil servant is an example of this. For this Thailand Phone Number List reason, bereavement leave is regulated for workers and civil servants within the scope of excused leave in the Labor Law No. 4857 and the Civil Servants Law No. 657. Considering the legal .  Regulations, bereavement leave is an important right that .  both public personnel and private sector employees have. During the period when bereavement leave is used, employees are entitled to wages just as if they were working.

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