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With the sharing agreement, an obligation is created to ensure a sharing between the heirs. Heirs may request title deed cancellation and registration based on a valid sharing agreement. If the heirs do not comply with the contract, the heir, who has the right to request the registration of real estate ownership through the sharing agreement, can file a lawsuit against the other heirs. This case is a case of forcing registration. Here, the real estate can be registered in its name by court decision. Inheritance Sharing (Taksim) Therefore,  Case Unless there is an obligation to maintain the inheritance partnership arising from the contract or the law, the heirs may file a lawsuit for the sharing of the inheritance.

Any heir may request the sharing of the inheritance by

Filing a partition lawsuit in the civil court of peace. As a Malaysia Telegram Number Data result of the sharing lawsuit, the partnership on the real estate subject to the lawsuit ends and the heirs are ensured to receive their share. Upon the request of one of the heirs, the court Therefore,  distributes the entire estate. If possible, it provides for the distribution of each of the immovable properties by giving them to one heir. The difference between the values ​​of the immovable properties given to the heirs is equalized by paying money, thus ensuring equivalence between the inheritance shares.

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For example, sharing the land inherited from the

Father can be done by agreement between the heirs or by the civil Saudi Arabia Phone Number List court of peace upon the request of one of them. How to Share the House Inherited from Your Father? No heir has the right to use or live in the house inherited from his father alone. Because, if there is more than one heir, a partnership of inheritance occurs between the heirs. In this case, the heirs acquire the ownership of the house jointly. Each of the heirs, inheritance contract etc. Otherwise, they can always ask for the inheritance to be shared.

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