Sustainable architecture: present and future of building

Filters are great allies to reduce poor air quality Filters, great allies to reduce pollution levels Air pollution is an important environmental risk to health. The WHO states that by reducing . Pollution levels, the burden of disease from strokes, lung cancers, and chronic and . Acute lung diseases, such as asthma, can be reduc  Consequently, the lower these levels are, the better it will be for our health. According toestimates, air pollution in cities and rural areas around the world causes 4.2 million . Premature deaths each year. This mortality is due to exposure to particles 2.5 microns or less in diameter . Has it ever happen to you to look up to the . light and see mini particles flying? The human eye is capable of only seeing particles larger than 10 microns. To put it in context, a hair measures between 50 to 70 microns.

Sustainable arc hitecture: present and future of building

Respect for the environment has become one of the central . Values ​​at the beginning of the 21st century throughout the world. It is a transversal movement that affects the main . Industries and engines of any economy, public policies and legislation of various . Fields and is increasingly demand by the final public. In this context, the development of Greece Phone Number Data sustainable buildings and homes (Sustainable Architecture) has gone in a very short time from being consider a luxury . That is difficult to access to an indispensable requirement, both in the construction of new spaces and in their remodeling. The benefits of sustainable architecture Firstly, we must take into account that in the European Union as a whole, considered one of the most guaranteeing and sensitive spaces towards sustainability.

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The benefits of sus tainable architecture

The world, approximately 75% of the real estate stock is consider inefficient from the point of view. energetic. In Spain alone, building the country’s energy consumption , a figure that takes on special magnitude in inflationary contexts Hong-Kong Phone Number List with constant increases in the price of electricity, gas or fuel. The response to this . Situation involves the construction and rehabilitation of . Spaces with methodologies bas on sustainable architecture , the main benefit of which is a drastic reduction in the energy resources used both in the construction phase and in the subsequent use of buildings and homes. And the fact is that only the renovation of the building stock in use would mean an energy reduction of between 5 and 6% in the EU as a whole, with a decrease of approximately emissions . Organic and recycled materials in the use of sustainable architec.

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