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the Italian entrepreneurial fabric: ” 97% of Italy is made up of small and very small businesses, small entrepreneurs who one day invent a service and accompany him towards a result. Italy has been the cradle of startups in the world for 150 years: a fundamental part of our competitive capacity that no one calls startups and which with the addition of the technological ingredient become startups. And creating a system also meets this often unacknowledged evidence .” Save time and customers with

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Wrrent challenge is to create a fertile economic Belgium WhatsApp Number Data ecosystem for this type of business even after the granting of financing or other assistance. The future of the startup ecosystem So what is the best way to give birth to a young innovative business? Gian Paolo Manzella answered this question, underlining the crucial role of the PA. Today, the Public Administration must commit itself to not making entrepreneurs feel alone, but rather to be a real startup accelerator itself . Minister Paola Pisano also reiterated this need: “ In Italy we have many beautiful startup companies, they mainly speak Italian, in some cases only

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Always support them. We need to consolidate an Italy Whatsapp Number List active role of our State made up of rules and infrastructures aimed at promoting innovative potential . It is necessary to create an infrastructure base to grow startup innovation. For this reason we are pushing various applications to find public administration and private services useful to citizens. Examples are the holiday bonus and the Immuni application .

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