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That crack the rock of ecclesiastical dogma. He remembers the borgias hatching intrigues between brooms and confessionals (and in his memory the good-natur image emerges behind which contemporary pophiles in cassocks hide). He knows how napoleon manag to take over the french government and then terrorize europe, and how, before that, the french revolution, which establish the principles rais by pride as well as naive enlightenment, implant against its political adversaries with singular zeal the terror of the guillotine and then, in a devious twist, drop its heavy blade on the necks of its most distinguish defenders.

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And how in the last century two world wars devastat Europe , leaving, interspers with the mud of Stalingrad, the rubble of Berlin and the radioactive dust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, millions of human remains. How the great colonial empires exterminat entire populations, how their wealth germinat with the fertilization of bones, skins and blood b2b email list of native peoples, raz without regard. Remember the totalitarianisms and notice that both by proclaiming the remption of the proletariat and by exalting the bourgeois national State, from the political left or right, millions were massacr and the ideals of human freom and emancipation were shatter.

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How ideological dissidents (or simply suspect dissidents) were shot, hang or sent to forc labor in the killing cold of the Siberian steppes, as part of the Bolshevik neurosis that establish the Moscow trials, and how entire communities of muzhiks , condemn to stop their agricultural work, had to be confin in Kafkaesque plants to produce steel, and in that process suffer Phone Database the famine that kill millions, during the empire of Soviet collectivism and the five-year plans perpetrat by Stalinism, and also from what Similarly during the cultural revolution, a social experiment that the “Gang of Four” launch with insane delirium, the Chinese population was decimat and those who, rightly or wrongly, were consider dissidents or enemies of the people were sent to the scaffold.

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