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 You can view my comments here Featured plug-ins and features Post Timeline Datasheet Flip carousel Image scrolling Particle effects Datasheet: Number of widgets and extensions: . Available in Repository: Yes Pro: Price Year Website: More Information #. Add-ons are one of the best on this list, so be careful. Features Plugins and Features Age Door Audio Player Calendar Devices Google Maps Switches Data Table: Number of Widgets and Extensions: Available in Repository: No Pro Version:

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Price Year Website: USD More Information #. The Element Kit is a special data less well-known plugin, but very complete, with no memory. It has a lot of very creative widgets, but most importantly its premium features, such as its ability to create your own widgets, or to show hidden content for choice based on a variety of criteria. It also has a block and a pre-designed template. Featured plugins and features Double button Creative button Advanced tab Picture exchange

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Motion text Advanced accordion Zoom session Conditional content Widget builder Cross-domain copy-paste Advanced viscosity Advanced parallax effect Data table: Number of widgets and extensions: Available in the repository: Yes Pro: Price Year Website: USD More Information – Email Marketing and Phone Database Automation Exclusive plugin Not the most famous plugin in this list, but we can say it is one of the plugins for “ covers ”, or in other words, the plugin, It has slid into the best plugin without making too much noise.

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