How to correctly estimate positioning results

The amount of new content implemented often determines how many new keywords will be indexed for our website,
the budget is also needed to acquire external links, which are also important because they “support” on-site activiti,You should also remember to budget for additional on-site activities to develop the website and adapt it to the current requirements of search engines.

We take the percentage shares of phrase ranges in the top and compare them with the new sum of key phrases, thanks to which we obtain the estimated number of words in given ranges,

Google search algorithm updates:

SEO is a form of “secondary” marketing, i.e. the user Phone Database ┬ámust first know what to enter in the search engine for our website to appear in the results. Adding a unique product or service to your offer that no one has heard of yet may not generate any conversions,

investing in paid campaigns in search engines can cannibalize SEO activities .Substitute the result into the CTR indicator prepared at the beginning, which will help determine the estimated number of clicks,

Determine your current visibility, traffic and conversion

Find new keywords for new categories Phone Database and entries. The more thorough the research on key phrases, the easier it will be to estimate the results of activiti, and the less work there will be in the future. Also remember about current categories and blog entri.

It is also worth preparing a set of new phrases for them, as well as writing down those that are already index.So how to estimate the results of the positioning process? Is it possible at all? It may seem that with so many variables, this is practically impossible. However, it is realistic to estimate the results with a certain degree of probability. For this purpose:

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