When you have your purpose defined you are unstoppable

In this article I leave you the interview that Iñaki Alcaraz (Managing Partner of AGLV) recently gave me, in which we analyzed the current situation and the need that .  Companies have to reconnect with their customers through purpose. Here you have the video of the complete interview, and right after it a summary with the most interesting comments. Brand purpose as a magnet for your customers Your whats . Therefore, Have to connect with your whys Your proposal has to match what your customers are looking for beyond your product or service. They have to feel identified with you in a deeper. Therefore, Closer way and related to their most personal interests.

Companies need to REconnect with their audience

If before the coronavirus there was already a great distance . Therefore, Detween brands and customers (for 91% of Spaniards, brands are irrelevant ( 2017 Meaningful brands), now we find ourselves with a chasm that is .  Difficult to overcome. The purpose is the bridge that can bridge this separation. Brand purpose is the magnet for your customers top industry data The acceleration in digitalization caused by confinement has made many companies .  Consider starting or deepening Therefore, this process . But they find that they cannot launch it in the traditional way with investment in people , campaigns.  Technology, etc., since the budget limitation caused by this crisis prevents them from doing so.

What is brand purpose and how is it defined? and the personal?

Brand purpose is very difficult to imitate, it is like the relationship between two people. It is the best way to differentiate yourself from Phone Database the competition and segment your communication. Two companies may have similar value propositions, but it is very difficult for two companies to have the same purpose and the same tactical approach. The goal of brand purpose is to connect the heart of the company with the heart of the audience Companies do not have enough budget to impact their audience, the purpose is that lever that allows us to do it without having to rely so much on marketing budgets.

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