What is Google Lighthouse and What Does It Mean

Google offers a set of tools through which you can efficiently optimize your platform. Among the available Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center you will also find the less popular Google Lighthouse.

Using this software, you can conduct a website audit and effectively design a website tailored to your customers’ needs. How do generated Google Lighthouse metrics impact SEO practices? Let’s check it!

Are you wondering what Google Lighthouse is in the world of e-marketing and why it is worth keeping this Google service in mind? Well, it is a tool that allows you to conduct a website audit.

What does a Google Lighthouse report look like

You don’t have to worry about paying any fees because the software is completely free. It will work well not only in the context of analyzing your own website, but among other platforms dynamically developing on the Internet.

This is great support, especially if there is strong competition Whatsapp Number List  at stake, whose activities are worth getting acquainted with.

Immediately after performing a comprehensive diagnosis of the website, the tool will generate “tips” to improve the functionality of the platform. By following the tips, you will not only fully adapt the website to the needs of Internet users, but also to SEO guidelines.

How efficient is your website everything about performance

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If you are aiming to be in the top ten rankings of Google results, the report obtained from Google Lighthouse online will certainly prove to be a good reference point for further activities in the field of website optimization.

When analyzing a website using this tool, the following areas are Phone Database examined: Audit areas are rated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 means very good. It is impossible to obtain a result of 0, but if you encounter such an assessment, you should know that there is an error in the operation of the tool.

In fact, we have already mentioned the most important parameters, but it is worth knowing what lies behind them.

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