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And, of course, this pessimist who appears in the haiku that Benetti left us, becomes fully aware, with equal dismay, of the less friendly face of chance: that associat with natural catastrophes, diseases, accidents and evils of all kinds that occur in soon without anyone being able to give a rational explanation of its origin. This is being inform. And a person who notices the traveling carnival of meaninglessness that runs through life, and, even more, who reflects over and over again on it, and who finds it painful to live in such a world, can be said to have become a pessimist, then of having come to life equipp with the natural share of expectation, that with which we all come to this world, with that light of natural and candid optimism that we can see shining in the pupils of human beings when they are still in the flower of the childhood.

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 It is, I say it again, about the one who feels his faith in our species fading and embraces, after this bath of awakening enlightenment, the lucid pessimism of someone who is well aware of what the human animal and hell are capable of . that in a couple of seconds can be unleash by the fury of the elements of business email list a planet that has given us life and also pain and death. This is the paradoxical pessimist that Benetti outlines in those three verses: one who has cover his original optimism with a thick patina of vital information about the existence that was our lot in this cosmic lottery.

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And although it is very difficult for a pessimist of this type to believe in the possibility of authentic change, and must make a particular effort to entertain hope and believe in the emergence of a truly human world, this same pessimist should not think that he is necessarily doom . to immobility, which is abandon to despair and total discouragement , but it may well be Phone Database the case that he faces this rot with resolution. “Let’s live,” he says (or could say), “let’s embark on projects, let’s try to change this world,” and even though he secretly suspects that nothing in essence is going to change, he takes heart: “perhaps all is not lost.

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