Ventilation systems for schools institutes and universities

Although is a disease that still generates a lot of uncertainty , it is true that, little by little, more quality information about its transmission is becoming known. One of these highlight aspects is that, as the Ministry of Health assures in multiple reports, the viruses contain in aerosols have the capacity to generate infection, especially in certain circumstances: in proximity to the index case for a long time and in clos spaces and poorly ventilat . For this reason, health recommendations always call for the gathering of non-cohabiting people in outdoor environments. However, this cannot always be carried out, since there are activities that require staying indoors. For example, students who study in person. In these cases, it is vital to have ventilation systems for schools, colleges and universities.

Is it enough to have ve ntilation systems for schools.

The Spanish Government itself has establish a series of guidelines for this type of spaces. They emphasize how important air renewal is and to do so, they recommend at least 12.5 liters per second (l/s) per occupant , which is the value that the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings gives to good air quality. quality. In addition to having good ventilation systems for schools, colleges and universities , it is also necessary Kuwait Phone Number Data to take some measures to reduce the risk of contagion in these clos spaces: Reduce the number of students per classroom. Maintain a safe distance. Wear a mask all the time. Wash hands frequently. Do not speak loudly or remain silent, whenever possible. Ventilate the room naturally and frequently, that is, opening the windows and/or doors to achieve optimal cross ventilation. A study carri out by the University of Burgos in is once.

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Monitorin g of scho ols to determine air quality

More topical than ever. In its development, the aim was to compile results thanks to the monitoring of a classroom in each Spanish province during school hours and calendar. The conclusions drawn were quite illuminating. The environmental quality conditions inside Spanish schools are, in general, very bad. For example, in terms of hygrothermal comfort (parameter that relates ambient . Temperature and relative humidity), only  of  Latvia Phone Number List the time are the classrooms in adequate conditions. A fact that is more worrying is the case of  levels , since the volume of centers with acceptable levels is reduc to almost 30%. There are scientific studies that link poor ventilation conditions inside classrooms with an impact on school performance and, of course, also with the health of students. Therefore, the objective is clear: to work on the prevention of airborne transmission of viruses and diseases by improving air quality. To go deeper into this study carrieout by the University of Burgos, we leave below.

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