Ventilation in the workplace: safety and productivity

It is easy to recognize offices and work centers where, unfortunately, there is not a good atmosphere. But we are not referring to the relationships between the different workers, but to the air that is breathed, literally. And that is a mistake, since air quality significantly affects those who are indoors. How? Poor quality air can worsen mood, performance and also promote illness and irritability. To solve this, the best option is to opt for ventilation at work . A good mechanical air renewal system can help workers and the company a lot. One of the main premises considered in the professional environment is that quality air can improve the performance of workers. According to scientists at the Technical University of Denmark, “good air quality can improve productivity by 10%.” Without a doub.

Improve ventilat ion at work and in industrial environments

Installing a ventilation system at work . However, the main reason why a mechanical ventilation system is necessary in workplaces is for the health of workers. And that, likewise, is positive for workplaces, since by breathing quality air you contract fewer USA WhatsApp Number Data diseases, which also means a decrease in sick leave. Radon kit. Standardized solution What can happen in a work building if there is not good ventilation? Feeling of exhaustion, worse cognitive skills. Increases the possibility of allergic reactions. General fatigue and headaches. Throat irritation and stinging eyes. Indoor air quality in work environments largely depends on ventilation at work . Mechanical systems can combat the main air pollutants that can originate in professional centers. Normally, the main causes of poor air.

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Quality at wor k are: The location

The building. If it is located near large avenues or highways, the property may be affected by many sources of dust and particles. Construction zones are also very polluting. Dangerous materials. Some types of indoor plastics and specific materials, such as asbestos, can UK WhatsApp Number List worsen air quality and be harmful to our health. Poor air circulation. If it is not ventilated well, what is known as stale air can occur in an indoor room , which would significantly affect the health of workers. Indoor air quality depends significantly on the ventilation system and its ability to replace air that has lost quality with fresh air. It can also prevent the formation of humidity and eliminate the presence of contaminants in the air. In addition, it may be able to improve the energy efficiency of the building and also offer.


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