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If there has been something that the pandemic has . Help us make manifest, it is the importance of ventilation in the fight against the pandemic, eliminating contaminat air in close spaces and sanitizing our interiors. From the beginning, the use of a mask, maintaining social distance and hand washing were promot. But as we have learn more about the virus and its contagion, one measure has been gaining ground   due to its proven effectiveness in preventing contagion adequate ventilation of closed spaces. In the following lines we explain the fundamentals of why ventilation is here to stay, and will improve the air in our interiors even long after the current pandemic ends. for  The WHO itself, the World Health Organization, has emphasiz how vital it is to ventilate and has given some guidance on ventilation systems for .

What general aspects shou ld be taken into account about

This body is working with the World Meteorological Organization through the Joint Office for Climate and Health. One of the main means of transmission of the coronavirus is aerosols, small particles that people exhale when breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing. These small particles can remain in the air for a long time and transmit the disease. Adequate Laos Phone Number Data ventilation is the best way to reduce the risk   of contagion, eliminating stale air that may contain aerosols within clos spaces. When ventilating these spaces, it is good to combine natural ventilation, that is, opening the windows, with mechanical ventilation . In some cases, where adequate ventilation is not possible naturally, this last option will also be the only alternative. In fact, ventilation systems are the most effective way to renew air. Additionally, they help control both temperature and humidity levels. These are some of the advice.

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Types of ventila tion systems

Offers in this regard: Increase the total air flow of close spaces. Disable the ventilation demand control mechanisms (leave the “on” setting instead of “automatic”). Increase air filtration as much as possible without reducing air flow. Check the filter Lebanon Phone Number List housings and supports to ensure for  that they fit properly and that air passes adequately over the filter. Activate the HVAC system   with the highest possible flow of outside air 2 hours before a space is occupied and 2 hours after. Generate clean air flows to dirty air areas. Check that the extractors work correctly and at maximum capacity when the space is occupi. Types of ventilation systems Regarding ventilation systems, there are two types, depending on whether only the air is extracted from the rooms or whether the admissionaces.

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