Ventilation and thermal insulation

In recent times, construction has undergone a revolution in pursuit of energy efficiency . And on the path to much more rational consumption, it is essential to find a way to rduce spending on supplies. For this, the tightness of the buildings is essential, since the ned for air conditioning largely depends on it. However, air renewal is essential in the face of this new reality. Ventilation and thermal insulation are two concepts that go together, two necessary phenomena in today’s buildings. To achieve good thermal comfort , it is essential to have sufficient thermal insulation . In the past, buildings did not have practically any waterproofing elements , making the cold very noticeable.

How to apply ventilation and ther mal insulation in a building

Summer it was necessary to leave close places during sunny hours. No mechanisms were installe to mitigate the entry of inclement weather, neither in windows or doors, nor in walls or ceilings. If it was also a home in an attic, the climatic comfort could be minimal or non-existent. More recently, it has been common to install air conditioning or Laos WhatsApp Number Data heating systems in new homes, in order to achieve sufficient air conditioning comfort. However, traditional heating and air conditioning systems are very expensive, and heating or cooling rooms could be very expensive and also negative for pollution. Likewise, with the increase in energy costs, any home that is not prepard to stop the elements from outside can be considerd energy poor . This phenomenon is understood.

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Conditioning system s on many occasions

Occur when spending on supplies equals or exceeds 10% of the family unit’s income. Something that can happen even in families that are not in a situation of lack of protection. The solution Thailand WhatsApp Number List for this is thermal insulation . Through air chambers, sealing on windows and doors, reinforcd ceilings and other mechanisms, it is possible to achieve homes that can stop the advance of cold and heat indoors. And even that it is not necessary to use air conditioning systems at home with the windows close. The most common in sealing systems is the following: Doors and windows must be completely seald. In windows, PVC material has been proven to be much more resistant. If a door faces the outside, it is essential that it has a seal that allows it to be completely watertight to.



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