Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

Google analytics 4 vs universal analytics. Advantages. Privacy. Rulings marco targa – 30 june 2022 ga4 vs universal analytics google has announce a date to circle in the diary . Since it is a deadline capable of revolutionizing the majority of digital marketing activities. 1 july 2023. From this date. The system base on universal analytics will stop working . Effectively preventing the possibility of collecting data base on the methods use by almost all companies . Not only the future. But also the present . Lead to a precise name. That of google analytics 4 which has conclude its trial period some time ago. 

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Google analytics 4. What changes compare to universal analytics.. What does the transition to ga4 entail and why is it urgent to adapt to latest database the new system google analytics 4 privacy what google envisages is not only a restyling from the naming point of view . But it constitutes a tool characterize by very different performances from those of its preecessor. Google analytics 4 is in fact much more flexible and suite to user nees and. Even more importantly. In line with the new provisions on confidentiality and privacy with particular reference to the .Cookie law. Legislation . The further indication that comes from google is to spee up the transition to the new feature as much as possible. 


Which in a not too distant time will become the only usable one

The differences compare to the past let.S take a step back to analyze the starting point. For many years. Google  analytics has worke through a Phone Database data management model base on hits of various types. Mainly pageview . Event . Transaction . Timing . With information collecte separately according to very specific parameters ( category. Action. Label. Value) . The ga4 revolution brings with it the introduction of the data stream principle which involves the ability to aggregate information and statistics from both websites and other applications. A method which. Until yesterday. Was not possible to put into practice. The veto impose by the privacy guarantor on the use of google.S traditional analytics system let.S return to the present by remembering that. According to recent regulations on privacy. Many types of data may soon disappear due to lack of consent to user tracking via cookies .

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