These blogs differ from personal blogs

Optimizing for rich search results They are special content formats outside of the traditional ranking of SERP content. For example recipe information can These blogs differ be displaye in a carousel at the top of the regular results with a large image ratings and prep time. Check out Googles rich search results guidelines to see if your content type qualifies. . Promote your blog In this section I want to show you a few ways you can effectively promote your blog for free. Clearly none of these approaches are about advertising.

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Lets hear from Abby Lawson of Abby Organizes Our email list has become one of the largest contributors to the success of our business and if I had starte growing it sooner it would be even bigger than it is now. Our email list makes it easier for Phone Number List us to stay in touch with our fans and get to know them better. It helps us sell more products and increase our traffic. Without it I dont know if we would have been able to make the leap that Donnie and I made to blogging full-time and were so grateful to our users for following us along our journey. Email will be your direct line of communication with your readers.

Create a mailing list Building

You pay next to nothing to reach an audience you know will be intereste in your blog it doesnt really cost anything if you get a free email tool and you can leverage those lists to offer products or services. You dont nee Phone Database to do anything special to get emails; the best way to get people to subscribe is to set up a signup form next to really good content. Of course you can offer your subscribers some kind of special deal like exclusive content. But make sure to make it relevant. Simple registration form on your blog By the way let me mention an important but counter-intuitive practice.

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