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For this reason, it will not be accepted as evidence by the court. However, in the decisions of the Supreme Court, it is seen that family and public order are prioritized and secretly received correspondence is .  Accepted as evidence on a matter that one of the parties cannot prove in any o5) .  Address: X street X neighborhood Istanbul He witnessed the defendant’s unfair behavior and fights against my client. Plaintiff’s attorney Lawyer Pınar Denktaş Can a voice recording be used as evidence in a divorce case? Divorce voice recording can be used as evidence. However, the voice recording must not have been obtained through illegal means.

For example, voice recording taken by deception, deceit

Intimidation, provocation, threat, pressure or secretly Germany Telegram Number Data without being in a public area will be against the law. According to the Supreme Court; It is possible for a secretly recorded voice recording to be considered as evidence on a matter that one of the parties cannot prove in any other way. Because the Supreme Court has prioritized family life and public order over individuals’ private lives. Therefore, a voice recording obtained in accordance with the law becomes evidence in divorce. However, it may be possible for a voice recording taken in an area not open to public participation,

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Wthout the knowledge of the spouse,

To be accepted as evidence due to family life and public German Phone Number List order. Can Phone Records Become Evidence in Divorce? It is possible for phone records to be evidence in a divorce. In order to bring these to the court, the court must request the phone records by writing a warrant to the relevant operator. For this, the parties must state at the petition stage that telephone records evidence is relied upon and that the subpoena is requested. In addition, it should also be stated which operator and for which phone number the phone records are requested.

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