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On the Internet, content is everything that users and web robots come into contact with. The requirements of both groups must be met when creating descriptions.

Therefore, focus on three elements: UX, SEO , and content. The first one is about ensuring a positive experience for users, the second one is about the use of key phrases, and the third one is about simple linguistic correctness and communication skills.

Category descriptions are therefore the first step in generating conversions and have a positive impact on making the final purchase decision.

Example Category Descriptions That Are Worth Considering

Designing a listing for customers is essential. Access to the assortment must be as easy as possible, and menu visibility and filters must also be taken into account. So where should the category description be?

Research shows that the best place is the so-called zone above the Ws Number List fold (the part of the page that appears to the user on the screen without scrolling). It is worth placing a shorter text above the listing, and a more extensive text below it, including additional information.

Tip: If you want to use only the top part of the page, you can use the “Read more” button. Then, after clicking, an extensive description will unfold in front of the customer.

On the Internet Content is Everything That Users

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You can also place the text in the sidebar next to the listing, although this is the least satisfactory solution.

Are SEO category descriptions necessary? The answer is definitely Phone Database yes! With their help, you can interest customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

It is very important to follow Google trends and updates. It may happen that the description needs to be updated – it is worth following the rules presented in this article.

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