The need to ventilate indoors for our well-being

Neto ventilate indoors How important is air in the world? We could say that all of it. Of all the unlimite resources necessary for life, it is the only one we cannot do without. For a time we can survive without water, for example, but never without air. And yet, due to its supposed unlimited abundance, on many occasions we forget how essential it is for life. From collaborating in outdoor air pollution to forgetting how essential it is to ventilate indoors . In today’s life, what we eat has a capital importance in our lives. In the race to live healthily, food plays a major role. Of course, also what we ingest and the quality of the water. But what about the air we breathe ? Why is it often forgotten that we nee.

The importance of ven tilating and not allowing low quality air indoors

Breathe healthily? The harmful consequences of breathing poor quality air can be lethal – in Spain there are a hundr deaths each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning – but the simple fact of not ventilating correctly at home or at work can cause complex diseases. Air is formd mainly by oxygen and nitrogen, but the most important thing is Qatar WhatsApp Number Data their absolute presence. The problem today is that the air carries much more carbon dioxide than necessary, in addition to other harmful compounds. On too many occasions it is estimated that, at home, it is enough to open the windows to breathe clean air . But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In large cities – and sometimes in rural areas – the air that enters workplaces, schools, hospitals or our homes is contaminated. And the problem.

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Improve our health with corr ect air renewal at home

That this already contaminatd air worsens inside the rooms. As we have mentiond, a serious problem with indoor air is that, if it was already contaminated outdoors, it will be equally dangerous Indonesia WhatsApp Number List in our homes. But it’s not just that, since the add problem is the proliferation of stale air at home. When cooking, cleaning or generating fumes, this contaminate air becomes of a much lower quality and can be harmful to the people who live in the rooms. This is precisely why it is essential to ventilate indoors , which will sometimes mean much more than opening the windows and letting the air from the street in. What problems can be caus due to poor quality air in the rooms we live in? If we do not have sufficient quality.

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