The keys to the Passivhaus standard

In the last years we have seen how the demand for self-sufficient . Or low-consumption houses has increase due both to the advance of new . Technologies and the development of new materials, and to the intention that little by little has been . Permeating society. to generate less pollution. To undertake a passive house project, it is important to know the characteristics of . The climate in which our project will be locate to adapt the materials usĀ  and the elements responsible for . Functions such as providing insulation or generating energy. Due to the multiple environmental factors that affect the habitability and energy.

What do we lo ok for in a Passivhaus?

Gneration of a building, it would not be correct to apply the same strategies to preserve the thermal comfort inside a home in the Canary Islands as doing so for a home in northern Europe. The Passivhaus standard seeks to reduce the heating and cooling needs of the building to a Turkey Phone Number Data minimum , using a series of strategies that we will address later. The little energy necessary to cover the reduc demand of the building can be easily obtained from renewable energy self-supply systems, such as photovoltaic panels. What are the practical strategies of a passive house or passivhaus? 1.Correct thermal insulation: We look for low thermal transmittance in walls, roofs and floors, so we must control.

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Suppression of th ermal bridges

That the building envelope is correctly thermally insulat to avoid these transmittances both in winter and summer. In this case, the thickness of the insulation will vary depending on the climate of the region. An example of good thermal insulation would be the USA Phone Number List Titania building in Madrid (DMDV Arquitectos) where the entire envelope of the building has been insulat, including the foundation. Taking care of the work at the joining points such as axles and joints is essential to avoid thermal bridges, points where we would lose or gain unwant energy . The meeting of walls at complicat angles, or the joints between construction elements, are points where the surface temperature can be affected with respect to the rest of the house. One of the undesirable results of the presence of thermal.


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