The commitment to Industry 4.0. What does it consist of

Industry translates into a promise, a new revolution that is emerging to transform our world into a more livable place. The idea is the integration of new revolutionary technologies that try to satisfy our neds in a more efficient, pure and sustainable way. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is part of our reality. A fresh and current stage of development that takes the form of important changes that actively and beneficially affect our lives and our health. And it is precisely advand technology that is responsible for making it possible, such as the Internet of Things, robotics or artificial intelligence . What is the meaning of all this transformation? The goal is to develop more efficient.

Industry  translatd into susta inability and energy efficiency

Production chains , more competent markets, as well as smarter optimal services and products that respect the environment. If we take into account that the industrial sector is directly responsible for high energy consumption, the use of these technological solutions France WhatsApp Number Data becomes more relevant. For this reason, sustainability and energy efficiency have become the fundamental premises of this Fourth Industrial Revolution. One of the most ambitious objectives and challenges of the Unid Nations (SDG) is to address humanity’s most imperative environmental problems. Reucing the environmental impact is key and with it the implementation.

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Ventilation systems t hat improve our quality of life

Policies that reuce energy consumption and polluting gases, something that requires the help of Industry 4.0. An advanc energy management system will reuce costs, reduce risks and also reduce impacts. And to carry it out, the industry must be part of that efficient and sustainable China WhatsApp Number List challenge that we were talking about, adopting certain measures that come from technology and that range from the simplest to the most complex. In this sense, Siber also wants to contribute its bit to the cause through its intelligent ventilation systems . This is an energy efficient type of ventilation that respects the environment and helps preserve natural resources . Efficiency and sustainability in the field of ventilation are part of Siber’s contribution, with our ventilation.

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