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Evidence that can be used in a divorce case: witness statement Oath and confession Expert witness and discovery Text message (SMS) Social media messages and posts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) whatsapp conversations Photos Videos Camera images Audio recordings Hotel records Bank and credit card records International entry and exit records Contracts, minutes, notes and correspondence Criminal record, forensic report Economic and social situation research reports law enforcement investigation court orders Other court files What can be the evidence in a contested divorce? As stated above in contested divorce

All kinds of facts such as photographs, videos, audio recordings

Social media posts, messages, phone records and hotel Canada Telegram Number Data records can be evidence. The important thing is that the evidence is obtained in accordance with the law. Otherwise, they will not qualify as evidence. Is it necessary to present evidence in a consensual divorce? Consensual divorce is when the spouses agree to divorce with their free will and end the marriage union. According to TMK Article 166/3, “If the marriage has lasted at least 1 year, if the spouses apply together or one spouse accepts the other’s case, the marriage union is deemed to be shaken from its foundation.”

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In case of a consensual divorce, the judge

Will not conduct an investigation in this case, but Canada Phone Number List will only examine the time requirement and whether the agreement protocol is appropriate. Therefore, it is not necessary to present evidence in a consensual divorce. What are Prohibited Evidence in Divorce Case? According to Article 38 of the Constitution; “Findings obtained illegally are not accepted as evidence.” According to the Code of Civil Procedure Article 189/2; “Evidence obtained illegally cannot be taken into account by the court in proving a fact.” Therefore, according to the ruling, it is accepted that the marital union has been shaken in this case. The judge is not granted the authority to investigate this matter.

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