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Are you planning a trip to Thailand or need to make a call to someone in the beautiful country? Understanding Thailand area codes is essential to ensure that your call goes through without any issues. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thailand area codes, providing you with all the information you need to know.

What is an Area Code?

An area code is a numerical prefix Nigeria TG Number Data used in telephone numbers that identifies a specific geographic region. In Thailand, area codes are essential for making calls within the country and from abroad. Each area code represents a different province or city, allowing callers to pinpoint the location of the person they are trying to reach.

How Many Digits are in a Thailand Area Code?

Thailand area codes consist of 2-3 digits, depending on the region. The area code is followed by the subscriber number, which is also a series of digits. When dialing a Thailand number from abroad, you must include the country code (+66) before the area code and subscriber number.


Popular Thailand Area Codes

Here are some of the most popular area codes in Thailand:

  1. Bangkok: The capital city of Thailand has the area code 02.
  2. Chiang Mai: A popular tourist destination in the north of Thailand with the area code 053.
  3. Phuket: A beautiful island in the south of Thailand with the area code 076.
  4. Pattaya: A bustling city on the east coast of Thailand with the area code 038.

How to Dial a Thailand Area Code

When dialing a Thailand area code South-Africa Phone Number List from within the country, you simply need to dial the area code followed by the subscriber number. For example, if you are calling a number in Bangkok with the area code 02, you would dial 02 followed by the subscriber number.
If you are dialing a Thailand area code from abroad, you must first dial the international access code, followed by the country code for Thailand (+66), the area code, and the subscriber number.

Understanding International Dialing Codes

When making an international call to Thailand, it is essential to understand the dialing codes for different countries. Each country has its own unique country code, which must be included when dialing a Thailand area code from abroad. Make sure to check the dialing code for your country before making an international call.


In conclusion, understanding Thailand area codes is crucial for making calls within the country and from abroad. Happy dialing!
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