Sustainable houses future or present

like something in the future, but perhaps today it should not seem so far away. Although a few decades ago it was common for homes to . Mode of production. To understand if sustainable houses are something of the future or are already here, we have to analyze the current regulations. In the Technical Building Code, many concepts have become clear, such as the neeto have mechanical ventilation systems or the commitment to greater thermal insulation. These are concepts that will also be present in all types of sustainable construction, although not enough. The biggest push for sustainable housing.

Are we really far from popu larizing sustainable homes

Come in with the implementation of the European standard for Almost Zero Consumption Building . Through it, all private and public buildings will be requir to meet various energy efficiency criteria, which will allow homes and office blocks to not require conventional energy Japan WhatsApp Number Data consumption. Almost Zero Consumption Building is in parallel with what is propos by sustainable houses , although this construction model focus on ecology goes much further.  They are committe to local construction methods and also non-polluting materials. The main characteristics of sustainable houses are baseon satisfying the nes of those who live in them, at any time of the year and regardless of where.

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Same time without endangering the well-being and development of future generations and the planet. At a constructive level, we can hat the follow pretexts are met They Switzerland WhatsApp Number List optimize resour and materia specific construction and architecture plan. They must reuce energy consumption as much as possible and opt for greater efficiency. Renewable energies are very important in sustainable houses and must be promote. Waste must be kept to a minimum and not emit more emissions than the minimum acceptable. The maintenance and functionality of buildings must be easy to follow. They must improve the quality of life of those who live in sustainable homes . We can add one more pretext that, on many occasions, is thought to be the opposite.

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