Due to the specific nature of products

Advantages Broad audience with more than active users.  such as handmade and vintage users visit the site because they look for products of this nature. Easy to set up and maintain a basic store which is free and takes only minutes. They even provide a handy step-by-step guide as well as a seller manual to answer any questions includ information about legal shipp costs and taxes. Built-in analytics track metrics and allow store owners to monitor product sales page traffic and revenue per item.

This enables the business to grow Cons

Only sell handmade or vintage products There strict rules on what you can and cannot sell. You must be in one of the follow categories: Crafts, Handmade Goods or Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Vintage ¬†Goods for over 10 years. List and Transaction Fees A USD Pound fee is charg when list an item and a transaction fee is charg on sales includ shipp and gift wrapp. Market saturation As the popularity of an item increases, so does the number of sellers offer similar items. Unless you’re sell someth extremely unique you’ll be with thousands of other people.

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With more and more people consider

Self employ it’s always worth do the research to make sure your dreams can become a reality by follow your passion. Yet it is undeniable that people increasly shopp online. You just ne to choose a platform that best represents what you do. Spread the Love Previous article The importance of local China Telegram Number List for your home business Next article Are online mical services the future of health c Editor This is the itorial office of Home Business Magazine.

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