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To wonder where to start and how to obtain these email addresses. explain how to achieve this and how to obtain correct email addresses. It is very important to know that when you want to get contacts , that it is not about “capturing” contacts without any meaning or purpose. The main reason is to maintain contacts who can become your future customers. To achieve this, they will need to be people who belong to your brand, your product or your service and thus be able to offer them valuable content that encourages them to consume your products and build their loyalty.

In this article we will

Emailing contact lists that aren’t safe DB to Data but a complete failure. In addition, you risk having a high rate of unsubscribes, bounces or landing directly in spam folders. Creating contact lists, what you shouldn’t do… If at any time you have entertained the idea of ​​purchasing email databases, we have to tell you that you would be making a big mistake. You shouldn’t even think about it, because there are compelling reasons to avoid this bad practice. It’s illegal. You would greatly affect your shipments. Having purchased contact lists and sending emails to people who are not interested in your products will not give you good results, you may.

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Is not only a waste of money

Once get an email open, but then. You will be Phone Number ignored and marked as  case. Reported to the authorities. If you’re lucky, users will stop paying attention to your emails or be removed from your list. However anyone who is really tired. Of seeing your emails will categorize you. As spam and if many users replicate this action, their reputation and distribution capacity will be totally affected. In other words, money wasted on purchasing contacts. You have probably heard of the. General Data Protection Regulation , because this regulation requires that you have proof that your contacts have agreed to subscribe to.

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