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DNA testing cannot be performed in public or private hospitals. Is the Judge Bound by DNA Testing? DNA test is like an expert report for the judge. The judge is not bound by the expert report. Therefore, the DNA test result is not binding on the judge. Although the judge is not bound by expert reports, he must take these reports into account and make a decision in accordance with reason, logic, science and law. DNA test results are scientifically accurate at a very high rate. The judge must make a decision taking this issue into consideration.

Blackmail and DNA Test Alleging Paternity

The crime of blackmail is regulated in Article 107 of the Sweden Telegram Number Data Turkish Penal Code. According to this provision, the crime of blackmail can be committed in the following ways: Betting that he will do or not do something that he has the right or obligation to do; The crime of blackmail by forcing a person to do or not to do something that is against the law or for which he is not obliged, or the crime of blackmail by forcing him to obtain unfair advantage (TCK article 107/1). The crime of blackmail with the threat that matters that will harm a person’s honor or reputation will be disclosed or imputed (TCK article 107/2). The Turkish Civil Code grants the mother and child the right to file a paternity suit. For this reason, a woman’s right to file a

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The woman forces the man to do or refrain from doing something

that is against the law or for which he is not obliged. Forcing Africa Phone Number List someone to gain unfair advantage will constitute the crime of blackmail. For example, if a woman forces a man to take money or do something by claiming that he is the father of her child, it will constitute the crime of blackmail. It does not matter whether the man is the real father of the child or not. Because, in the crime of blackmail, the person blackmails by betting on something he has the right to do. Since filing a lawsuit alleging paternity is a right granted to women, a verdict given as a result of a paternity lawsuit is not important.

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