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This is important. One description must not depend on another. Tell your potential customers what you want them to do. Whether its Download newsletter or Read more . strong and clear calls to action are a must. Figure 2. Responsive search ad operating process You can also pin titles and descriptions so that they appear in a specific location. This is a great feature that can help you regain some of the control you lost when moving to responsive search ads.

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Challenges keep in mind when switching to a new advertising format. Benefits Flexibility in advertising. Previously. as an advertiser. you had to create several different text ads so that you could test different messages business lead and advertising angles for your customers. Saves time. When you have design and built responsive search ads. The challenges The previously mention lack of control compar to previous ads is a challenge in responsive search ads. In addition to this. it is not possible for the advertiser to see which ad text combinations have work best. The ne to come up with several different. attractive titles containing relevant keywords.

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However. use . s Googles ability to test different combinations in ads. Let the machines learn Phone Database Responsive search ads are a great combination of the advertisers own written messages and Googles machine learning. But for machines to learn. you ne to give them time and space to test and optimize. Googles machine learning does not come up with new ad text on its own.

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