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Rebuild smart building The construction sector is in an optimistic moment for many, but it is undoubtely an era of change. Energy efficiency is now the cornerstone of . Buildings and home automation together with automation have revolutionize . The way we understand homes and workplaces. Under this panorama, between September 17 and 19, Rebuild the major congressional event for smart building , will be held in the capital of Spain . Housd in pavilion 8 of Ifema, the large exhibition center in Madrid, Rebuild promises to turn Madrid into the capital of modern construction and respond to the sector thanks to numerous conferences, exhibitions and business meetings. More than 8,000 professionals, around 3,500 congressmen and up to 240 speakers are expecte to.

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Attend the event. The challenge of the congress? Promote the competitiveness of the sector by sharing information and offering new ideas. All of this in an event that will celebrate its second eition after a Iraq WhatsApp Number Data successful start, which took place last year in Barcelona, ​​a city that will alternate with Madrid to host the annual event. What will Rebuild offer to all attendees? Energy efficiency . More than the great challenge, it is about the true reality of the sector. Currently, building involves cost and energy savings, it is the great pillar of construction. On September 17, at 10:00 a.m., Siber’s Commercial Director, Santiago Pascual, will participate in the debate Approaches to Energy Efficiency.

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Siber faces the challe nges of the construction sector

Building Information Modeling (BIM). Despite being unknown until recently, BIM is a method of design and management of projects relatd to the construction and renovation of buildings of all types. It is basd on the development of a three-dimensional parametric Mexico WhatsApp Number List model of the building to be built or renovatd. Digitization. The information age has significantly change the way we understand the sector, and that will be palpable at Rebuild . For example, the best digital tools for the creation of buildings and for use by architects will be shown. It is one of the strong points of the event, since according to the president of Rebuild , David Martínez, “digitalization continues to be.

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