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 Why haven’t your readers managed to overcome these challenges yet? What do your readers dream about (and related to your topic)? What are the things stopping your readers from achieving their dreams? Additional resources: Branded by Lisa Suonio Brand shaving by Sanna Jylänki *Added value = something the reader can’t get from anywhere but you. ^ Back to top 5. Domain and server A domain is your blog’s address in the internet jungle. You can think of a domain as the street address of your home. The server, on the other hand, is the home where your blog lives. In free blog platforms, the server is already ready. You can choose the domain name yourself, but the final domain will always end according to the blog platform (e.g. .blogspot.fi or . wordpress . com ), such as www . of dream happiness . blogspot . fi . When you get a server, you get your own domain and exact address for your blog ( www . tiiakonttinen . fi ).

Of course it is possible, but building trust

 The brand should be long-lasting, consistent with social media profiles and such that it corresponds to your own world of values. Below I have put together a few questions that will help you clarify your brand. What atmosphere, feeling and feeling new data do you want to give your readers when they come to your blog? What kind of “legacy” do you want to leave in this world? What sets you apart from other bloggers on the same topic? What added value* do you offer your readers? Which three core values ​​are conveyed by your blog and content? What age are your readers? What gender do they represent? What are the 3 biggest challenges your readers face that are intrinsically related to the topic you write about?

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 This is especially a big challenge for those bloggers who want to blog anonymously.  in the reader is really challenging if the blogger is unknown. Trust is needed when you recommend or sell a product or service. Think about it this way: if you met a stranger on the street trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner, would you buy it? Hardly.  you (and you’re about to Phone Database buy one), I think you’ll buy the vacuum your friend recommends. The brand includes the color scheme, images (yours and publications), atmosphere, feeling, readers, social media and content. You don’t want to write a fun food blog if the blog conveys a cold and clinical corporate atmosphere. The brand should also be something that you don’t need to modify or change four times a year.

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