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How to Correct Misspelled Age? Correction of the incorrectly . Vritten age is possible by filing an age correction lawsuit with a request to change the age. Because, in Article 35 of the . Population Services Law, it is regulated that the records in the population register can only be changed with final court decisions. Therefore, increasing or decreasing the age can only be done by court decision if there are justified reasons. One or both parties may take legal action against the decision given by the court. If legal action is not taken against the . Reasoned decision within the period specified in the law, the decision becomes final.

Taking legal action means objecting. In case of objection

The decision becomes final if the higher courts Italy Telegram Number Data approve the decision by finding it in accordance with the law. Upon this final court decision, the incorrect age written on the ID card will be corrected. Conditions for Age Correction Case There is no record of the time of birth because the person was not born in a hospital or birth room. The person’s appearance does not seem appropriate to his or her age in the population. There must be an objective justifiable reason Absence of siblings at an alleged age As can be understood, age correction is not possible for hospital-born people. In addition, bone age examination can only be performed up to the age of 25. Other evidence is required to change the ages of people over the age of 25.

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Age Correction Lawyer Considering the legislation, age

Correction can only be achieved by court decision. In order to Malaysia Phone Number List obtain a court decision, an age correction case must be filed. For this reason, a petition must be prepared to be submitted to the competent court. In an age correction case, it must be proven that the identity age is actually different. Any kind of evidence can be used to carry out the proof activity. At the end of the case, in order for the court to conclude that the person is the age he claims, a petition must be prepared containing all the evidence showing this issue. Therefore, benefiting from the support of a good lawyer will ensure that the age correction case is concluded as the person wishes.

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