Radon gas mitigation in homes

Sometimes, determining the entry routes for radon gas inside buildings, even knowing . That it comes mostly from the ground, is not easy. In this case you can see a house built on a hillside, whose lowest floor.  Was completely buri by one of its main facades. The other wing of the house remain completely . Open to the outside, specifically, to the rear patio of the plot on which it is built. Illustration by: Frutos, Borja. Eduardo Torroja Institute (CSIC) Plan of a . House expos to radon gas In this case, radon gas could penetrate both through the buri. side of the lower floor and through the soil in contact . With the ground. Actions to mitigate radon are always bas on obtaining the best compatible results with the minimum possible intervention. In this case, an action was scheduled in phases, starting with the least invasiv.

Mitigation of rado n gas in homes.

Continuing with the one that would affect the home the most, but also with more guarantees of success. A barrier method is applie taking advantage of the fact that the owners want to do a small renovation. After careful preparation of the support that includ sealing all the cracks and  joints in the basement floors, as well as the staircase that Philippines Phone Number Data connectthe  two floors of the house, the barrier was appli. The action meant a slight reduction in the concentration levels of radon gas inside the house, with this first remedial measure not achieving the objective of bringing this value below that recommend by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Therefore, it was necessary to launch a second phase.

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Rehearsals and expert visits The testing campaign is intensifi . Using equipment for continuous measurement and subsequent analysis. The construction typology of the house and its age made it very difficult to clearly locate these entrance routes. Different mitigation systems are being considered, such as the active depressurization Philippines Phone Number List of the land Phone Number Listunder the house, which was the one that, in the first instance, obtain the most integers for its use. The difficulties that the house itself offere in implementing a conduit that . went directly from the basement to the roof made its use problematic. Satisfactory solution for radon gas mitigation Finally, the use of an overpressure system is studi. Double flow mechanical ventilation is used for this , adapting its design to achieve a slight overpressure in . The basement. This radon gas mitigation action also meant improving.

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