Purifying the air what does it give us in its renewal

Purify the air Ventilation has become essential in homes and buildings. The necessary renewal of the air cleans the environment of impurities and is essential to achieve good health inside the home. Thanks to ventilation we can eliminate humidity or smoke from the rooms we live in, in addition to supplying the necessary air when we are in homes with high thermal insulation . But, beyond the ventilation needs , we can purify the air , which, although it is not mandatory at a regulatory level, gives us a much higher quality of life, thanks to the possibility of breathing much better quality air. Although they are sometimes confus, the phenomena of ventilation and air purification are different.

Benefits of puri fying the air

Although compatible. Ventilation is a necessity contemplate by the Technical Building Code in the HS3 Basic Document, and with the high tightness of the current construction it is necessary to guarantee air flow, in addition to its renewal to avoid indoor problems such as Korea WhatsApp Number Data stale air . . On the other hand, purifying the air focuses on cleaning the impurities and contaminants that contaminate it, and is highly efficient when we introduce air indoors from outside. We can estimate both concepts as the following: Ventilation . As we have mentione, the nee for mechanical ventilation is basd on the requirement to renew the air. We spend most of our time indoors, and if the air is not renewd it loses quality and can be very harmful to our health. Likewise, when having highly airtight buildings, it is necessary.

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Allowing its entry t hrough

Ventilation grilles that connect with the outside. In addition, ventilation eliminates smoke, mites or humidity, which in addition to being a threat to health are also a threat to buildings. Air purification . The functionality of purifying the air consists of eliminating Taiwan WhatsApp Number List polluting elements that are in suspension, such as toxins, smoke and particles present in the air. To purify the air, it must pass through a filter. While ventilating means renewing the air, eliminating that which has lost quality and introducing air from outside, at no time is the air cleand. Air purification , on the other hand, is ddicate to this. For air to pass through a filter, there are several options. A very simp.

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